SOL My Annoying little brother

My brother is a real pain. He gets me angry, annoyed, and headaches. Like one time when a black ops  three came out he comes straight into my room and screams in my ear to buy him that dumb video game I rather buy him rocket league or Minecraft I don’t know. I told him to wait until May 15 I think, to get call of duty 4 but this time he screams even louder then before. “I NEED IT NOW, RIGHT NOW!” So I wasted $60:00 dollars on that dumb game.

SOL#4 March 9

One time I think there was a team I had in soccer. But gues who’s was on my team Eddie! On till now he nearly recognize me on the team but I remember when Eddie passed the ball to me and I didn’t know what to do (I was a real noob back then) and so I kicked it and I saw it zoomed across the field and scored. I couldn’t believe my eyes I scored from the defense area to the goal. That was the time I made my coach laugh.

SOL#1: March 5

My brother and I were playing Fortnite, I was teaching my brother how to scam other people in save the world. I believe the person that we scamme was xSottkiller409Xx, my brother and I just called him Scott and then me and him scammed him. by telling him to shows us his weapons. He held them out and we started to trade, we dropped ours in the back corner and he dropped his. After that he told to build a door and so he thought I tricked him into thinking that I’m building the door but actually I’m editing the floor to make him fall. And I did, we grabbed his stuff and kicked him out of the lobby.

SOL Sunday morning

There’s one thing I hate about Saturday’s and Sunday’s because I have to wake up early to go and watch my brothers play there dumb soccer game. Like Eddie he knows what I’m talking about but the funny thing is when my brother made a foul witch wasn’t. So my brother ✌️Acsendently ✌️ Trip a player and got blue card for not believing the ref and so he threw the ball at the ref’s stomach.
Witch was pretty funny to see.
This is my brother Daniel that threw the ball at the ref.  \/

SOl_Sunday morning

My dad and my two brothers went to there soccer game. My mom and I where sleeping, soon after I woke up and looked around the The house and started playing video games. The game that I was playing was Fortnite deluxed, with my two cousins Phillip, and Gabriel. We play fortnite mostly every day of the weakend. But not during the weak.

3hrs later my dad came and picked us up and drove to zacataco’s. We ate our food and the way back home we played some more so it was a nonstop playing games. And nobody can change that.

SOL__Saterday morning.

On Saturday January 20, my family and I woke up frustrated because we wake up really early for my brothers dumb soccer games. Their with the 2007 soccer team. Sometimes it gets boring when their game is over and our parents just talk with other soccer moms and dads. My mom takes conversations to the next level she talks for two hours straight. Other people don’t even say anything they just go along with it, but my dad he’s cool.


My one word is CREAT because in school I creat laughter, fun, and friendship. Because this word makes me who Im. Like I school, friends, family.

At home I play video games, when I play with my friends or cousins I make a boring that they don’t like and created it into A game that he never played before, when I have ELA homework I like to start it by getting a sheet of paper and a pencil. And when I read I draw out what the setting takes place, how the characters look like. I don’t do this in school often but I like it when I’m alone.