The best books 2017-2018

1. The silver six, AJ lie Bergman
2. The son of liberty, Alexander Lagos
3. Brain camp, faith Erin hicks
4. Ghostoplolis, dougtemp
5. Badisland, Dougtemp
6. Card board, Dougten
7. Shark bait, Justin D’ath
8. Amuriuret, kazu kibushi
9. Sword kuromori, Jason Rohan
10. Awkward, Sevetlana chmkua
11. Middle school, James Paterson
12. Tombqauest, Michel Northrop
13. Paradise Park, Black Nelson’s
13. Jedi Academy, Jeffrey Brown

My top three books are Jedi academy because I like Star Wars, Awkward by sevetlana it’s a story between these two kids meet at school by bumping each other by accident, And Middle School by James Patterson. You probably already now this book.

How I became a good writer and reader. I had amazing help from my mom of what she had learned over the past years so big thanks to her. But at first I was a terrible reader and writer because I was lazy, tired, don’t even want to do the writing. But soon enough I got better and better, I started to put more detail into my poem, e…


My Terezin poem is called The Garden written by Franta Bass. It’s is about a little boy who walks
around a narrow path. But the field is full of unbloomed blossoms, But until the blossom blooms then the boy will be no more.

    In the first paragraph of the poem it’s seem happy and sweet  but the second paragraph it’s seems pretty good at first but at the last second it’s gets more sad by saying “the boy will be no more” is he going to die or something els.

THE GARDEN. Click here to listen to me read my poem The Garden

    What I learned from this poem is how the poem takes a flower as to be a Nazi and a boy to be a citizen but when the poem said “when the blossom blooms the boy will be no more” this give me an idea of those toxic gas chambers. But my opinion is when there’s darkness there’s always tiny speck of light and the light will always conquer the darkness, no matter how hard it is.

The Garden by Alexander Gines

A little garden, fragment and full of roses the path is narrow and a little boy walks along it.

A little boy, a sweet boy, like that growing blossom. When the blossom comes to bloom, the little boy will be no more.

What I think about the poem?
In the first paragraph of the poem it’s seem happy and sweet  but the second paragraph it’s seems pretty good at first but at the last second it’s gets more sad by saying “the boy will be no more” is he going to die or something els.

What I feel about the poem?
I feel pretty good about this poem but it could use a little more because I didn’t get what this poem is taking place I know in part of the holocast but I don’t know what this poem is taking place in.

Book blog quarter 3

My book from quarter 3 is called middle school a kid name Rafe I think he starts having a good year at first but soon after he starts to have a bad year when teachers starts to have to loose respect with other students. But in this story rafe tries to escape his life of being in school. A couple days later he gets lost. He decides to go back home but he was in trouble by a big storm. Read and find out more of what happens to rafe.

SOL Tomb Raider 3/27/18

My dad and I went to see Tomb Raider were these two people go on a journey of death. I don’t want to spoil anything else so after the movie we both came to visit to my cousins house we played fortnite for hours and soon we left and tomb Raider has the exact same plot as the book I’m reading right now is called TombQuest.


A couple days ago I was playing this called Rainbow Six Segie. And my cousins called me after my update file was done and said “dude get on Rainbow there’s a new mode called OutBreak where you fight zombies and save doctors and other soldiers and retrieve artifacts to see what there really against” “that sounds dumb” I said “it’s just another company putting zombies into video games to earn more money and fame” soon after I played it and I didn’t like it, and my little brothers played it too and so I just came back on fortnite battle royal.

SOL My Annoying little brother

My brother is a real pain. He gets me angry, annoyed, and headaches. Like one time when a black ops  three came out he comes straight into my room and screams in my ear to buy him that dumb video game I rather buy him rocket league or Minecraft I don’t know. I told him to wait until May 15 I think, to get call of duty 4 but this time he screams even louder then before. “I Need It Right Now, RIGHT NOW!” So I wasted $60:00 dollars on that dumb game.