The best books 2017-2018

1. The silver six, AJ lie Bergman
2. The son of liberty, Alexander Lagos
3. Brain camp, faith Erin hicks
4. Ghostoplolis, dougtemp
5. Badisland, Dougtemp
6. Card board, Dougten
7. Shark bait, Justin D’ath
8. Amuriuret, kazu kibushi
9. Sword kuromori, Jason Rohan
10. Awkward, Sevetlana chmkua
11. Middle school, James Paterson
12. Tombqauest, Michel Northrop
13. Paradise Park, Black Nelson’s
13. Jedi Academy, Jeffrey Brown

My top three books are Jedi academy because I like Star Wars, Awkward by sevetlana it’s a story between these two kids meet at school by bumping each other by accident, And Middle School by James Patterson. You probably already now this book.

How I became a good writer and reader. I had amazing help from my mom of what she had learned over the past years so big thanks to her. But at first I was a terrible reader and writer because I was lazy, tired, don’t even want to do the writing. But soon enough I got better and better, I started to put more detail into my poem, essay, and quick writes. I used words that I haven’t even used before. I learned signpost, how to write a essay, etc. I’ve done all of this by the amazing help by my former teachers Ms. Brezek and Mrs.Bortcheller. I wouldn’t have done this without the help of them so thank you.


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